A Plan Without A Destination can Lead to God

Wanna make God laugh, tell him your Plans…


A strategy is a mapped out plan to arrive at the desire destination or result. But, a plan without a destination needs no strategy, for one roams where ever one’s heart leads.

Nature helps me when ever I have a troubled soul, a hurting heart and a doubting mind. When I’m stressed, worried or concerned, a walk, a hike or a drive out in creation calms me as I spend some quiet time.

20180123_105304.jpgMy husband hands me the keys to the car and says, “Let’s go for a drive.”

When I sit in the driver’s seat, I have the privilege to go where ever I please,and there is no need for a plan. Go with the flow of what nature reveals, is the only thing I keep in mind. My heart leads me until I’m content or time runs out. It matters not where the starting point is, north, east…

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